SSC Clubhouse Club Management Company (Cixi)
Career Development
Originated from Lausanne, Switzerland, and developed in New York, USA. Lausanne, Switzerland is the birthplace of hotel management in the world, and New York, USA is the gathering place for top clubs. Each of our senior management has Swiss and American international hotels and top Club management experience, combined with the advanced management and service concepts of Swiss International Hotel, combined with the perfect management system of the top clubs in the United States,
has achieved the love of our guests, shareholders and employees. Different from all kinds of clubs in China, we:
Each club under the management has an area of more than 1,500 square meters and a total investment of more than RMB 10 million. (The numbers tell everything: there are more than five preparatory projects nationwide)
Every member of the Cixi Club Club Management Company comes from high-end service industries, including hotels, clubs, clubs, airlines, private banks, etc. We go all out to provide every member with a service experience that exceeds expectations.
The owners of each club under the management are well-known real estate companies, listed companies, large organizations and high-level social elites.
The functions of each club managed by the club involve a series of supporting services such as artworks, handicrafts, antiques, red wine, cigars, tea ceremony, incense Taoism, Zen Taoism, coffee, cocktails, Chinese food, western food, entertainment, film and television, parties, events, etc.
Members of every club and club managed are from the elites and successful people of the top class in society.
The employees of each club club under management will get an exclusive sailing plan: career planning, opening club promotion opportunities, cross training, professional skills training, personal quality training, etc. If your personal ability and professionalism continue to work We will provide you with advanced professional training (international wine, cigar master, club management, etc.), and even overseas elite training programs (Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland (the world's first), and Les Roches, Switzerland les roches (second in the world), Glion hotel management school in Glion, Switzerland (third in the world).
Name: Shenzhen Cixi Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Address: 3rd and 4th floors, No.1, Kaide Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tell:0755 86961913
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