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SSC Swiss Club Club Management Company is a prestigious company specializing in the development, marketing and management of high-end private clubs. SSC provides services to third-party developers, large organizations and individual investors with the same philosophy, and is committed to high-quality products and excellent economic returns and social effects. SSC is a world-renowned international private club club management company, serving dozens of countries and regions around the world. Create an elite exchange circle for the spires, sharing the world's top respect. We carry out a series of project preparation, planning, management, operation, marketing and other work for real estate, enterprises, organizations, institutions, individuals and other series of different needs owners, providing owners with assured, worry-free and comfortable all-round systematic project solutions .

Club culture originated in continental Europe and the United Kingdom in the 17th century. At that time, gentlemen's clubs originated from a social place in the British upper class. They often have a history of hundreds of years. Standard English gentlemen do not go to restaurants or banks casually. They always accomplish these things in clubs. Even write letters and short memos, try to use the paper of the club, because this is decent. In traditional British clubs, the good upbringing, elegant tradition and elegant taste of life of British gentlemen can be fully reflected. It can be said that in British society, how many well-known club memberships a person has is a manifestation of that person's social status. Rooted in European and American gentleman culture, since the beginning of the club club project, the SSC team has worked closely with the owners through every step of planning, design, promotion, construction and decoration.

SSC Swiss Private Club Club Management Company adopts a comprehensive development and cooperation management method, starting from an in-depth market assessment, and then developing the business concept of the club, determining the overall facility combination and space planning, drawing up corresponding market strategies and suitable catering concepts And service standards, and finally complete human resource planning, income forecast and cost budget. Pre-opening management involves a wide range of activities: from the procurement of operating equipment to staff recruitment training, event design and arrangement, back-end management information system, and catering supply chain control and pricing. In addition to assisting owners and developers to realize a high-quality clubhouse project and highly competitive products at a suitable cost, the pre-opening technical support and management services provided by SSC ensure that the clubhouse can be fully operated from the day of opening. And exceed the expectations of members and customers. The operation management service after opening is the advantage of the SSC team. The management system and process continuously monitor the performance of the club's operation. The rigorous monitoring of service quality, facility usage, cost and management control, cash flow and profitability achieves the wishes of partners and customers for success, and further ensures that each club has a leading position in its market and becomes a representative of the region Sexual top club club project.
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